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Inside Mann: Meet Dillon Hilling, a secondary marketing analyst

Everyone at Mann Mortgage has an integral part to play in making it a great place to work and do business. Inside Mann is an opportunity to feature one of our amazing employees.

Dillon Hilling is a Mann Mortgage employee at the Kalispell branch working within the Secondary Marketing department.  He sat down to answer some questions about his experience working in this department as well as some questions not relating to the workplace to learn more about him overall.

Dillon (right) with his girlfriend Lisa (left) and his dog Ella.

Dillon has had a unique experience at Mann because he has worked in multiple departments. “I started through an internship as a loan officer’s assistant with Rob Fleming in Missoula where I learned firsthand what it takes to be a successful originator. After graduating and working elsewhere, I came back to Mann and worked in the construction department where I got to learn the operational side of the mortgage business by closing and funding loans. Now with secondary marketing, I get to see the end of the life cycle by selling loans.” 

When it comes to Dillon’s day to day work life, his days are constantly varying as his workload is determined by the everchanging state of the mortgage market.

Dillon feels as though his efforts are noticed and that he is a valued Mann employee. “I’ve worked for companies that want their employees to act a certain way but don’t do anything to incentivize it. What I really love about Mann is that they want to instill a sales first attitude for everybody, and they are willing to put up an incentive for their employees through the VIB (volume incentive bonus) to make it happen.”

How exactly does Secondary Marketing help provide home loans to borrowers? “The biggest way is helping Loan Officers find solutions to unique scenarios,” Dillon says. “This could be a house built in a non-traditional style, borrowers with no/low/alternative credit, or other extenuating circumstances around the property. Sometimes information like this doesn’t come out until later in the process so we do our best to find a good fit and not let a deal die.”

When not working at Mann, Dillon enjoys golfing, playing video games, and watching sports.

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