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Branch Opportunities

Join a growing lender without giving up control of YOUR business

Mann Mortgage is accepting applications from established mortgage lenders in all states. Our most successful branches are independent community mortgage lenders that embrace our business model while remaining true to their community connections. Mann Mortgage branches instantly benefit from a strong reputation built on years of expertise and enduring partnerships, while retaining control over the strategic and day-to-day management of their branch.

Strengths & Benefits

  • Rock-solid support and centralized services from people determined to help you grow your lending business
  • A suite of Fortune 500 grade technology tools available to every branch
  • Meeting the demanding compliance & HR challenges of the industry without the hassle
  • Ample warehouse lines
  • Competitive pricing and products
  • Robust investor relationships
  • Loan sales to Ginnie, Fannie and Freddie
  • Retained servicing portfolio
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success on a
strong foundation

We leverage our cooperative mortgage banking structure to make Fortune 500 grade technology and exceptional operational support tools available to each of our branch. Our secondary markets team is second-to-none and specializes in securing the best available warehouse line and investor relationships to provide complete support for each branch loan originator.

Transitioning to a Mann Mortgage cooperative branch is EASY and SECURE. Ready to open a dialogue? We're one click away.

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