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For over 30 years, Mann Mortgage has helped local builders connect with pre-qualified borrowers looking to remodel their current home or build a new one. In addition to offering federal and nationwide lending programs, our licensed home lenders are experts in state and local loan programs too. As a local home lender, we offer:

Accessible Loan Expertise

Borrowers work with a dedicated local loan officer who is available to answer questions and offer assistance when they need it. Loan officers are available by text, phone, or email and will provide fast and accurate construction loan answers, advice, and documentation.

Smarter Construction Finance

Financing through Mann Mortgage gives you access to our software platform, Built for Contractors. It’s an inclusive cloud-based technology platform that administers documentation, simplifies payment, and accelerates the building process. It also features a streamlined draw process so you can get the funds you need faster than ever before.

Quick and Efficient Loan Process

Our office completes the entire construction loan process in-house. We handle all the loan processing, underwriting, and funding for an on-time and hassle-free closing.

If you’re a builder interested in partnering with Mann Mortgage, contact us today.

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