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Mann Mortgage may transfer your loan to an investor, such as Wells Fargo. If you haven’t received a notification by the time you are ready to make your 1st payment, please use the coupon provided on the payment letter that you signed
at closing. If it’s not due to us, we will get it to the right place. If you receive a letter asking that your 1st payment be made to Mann Mortgage, please make it to Mann. If you receive a letter stating that Mann will no longer
accept payments on the loan, all payments are due to the new investor. If you are not sure, please call our office at 866-751-6263 to verify.

Both the payment letter you sign at closing and the note you sign will show when your first payment is due.

You can find your loan number at the top of your first payment letter. If your loan has been transferred to another servicer, you can also find your loan number at the top of the notification letter Mann Mortgage sent you.

This happens if your loan is transferred well into the month before the first payment is due. The new investor doesn’t feel they have enough time to collect the first payment, so they purchase the loan “short” and leave the payment
for Mann Mortgage to collect. Their statement will only speak to the first payment due to them, but the first payment on the loan is actually the month prior. Double check your payment letter and note dates to be sure, or call our

In some cases, the new investor will purchase the loan too late in the month to collect the first payment. They purchase the loan “short”, meaning they purchase the loan for the original amount LESS the amount of principal in the
first payment, and they leave that payment for Mann to collect. You can easily tell when this has happened because your beginning principal balance with the new investor will be an odd amount. It will be less than your original loan

Not always. If you sent the payment to Mann Mortgage, but we forwarded the payment to your new investor, you will not receive a 1098 from us, only from your new investor. If the interest in your payment was less than $600, you will
not receive a 1098 from Mann Mortgage. The IRS only wants us to report interest over $600 to them. You can still report the interest, however. Just use your cancelled check and your HUD1 for documentation.