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Mann Mortgage brings the best of a national lender with strong connections in our communities.

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For over 30 years, Mann Mortgage has helped local realtors connect with pre-qualified borrowers looking to purchase a new home. In addition to offering federal and nationwide lending programs, our licensed home lenders are experts in state and local loan programs too. As a direct local home lender, we offer:

More loan flexibility

As a local lender, we have the flexibility to approve mortgages bigger banks can’t or won’t approve. We take time to get to know each borrower. We review their current financial situation, talk about their long-term aspirations, and select the loan program that best helps them achieve their goals.

Accessible expertise

Borrowers work with a dedicated local loan officer. When needed, they’re available by text, phone, or email to provide fast and accurate financing answers, advice, and pre-approval documentation.

Best support services

Our loan officers have spent years (sometimes decades!) serving the needs of local homebuyers. We’ve developed a vast network of the best local professional support services including local appraisers, inspectors, and title companies to make sure closing happens on time.

Quick and efficient loan process

Our office completes the entire loan process in-house. We handle all the loan processing, underwriting, and funding for an on time and hassle-free closing.

If you’re a real estate agency interested in partnering with Mann Mortgage, contact us today.

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