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These interior design trends are now cheugy

Do you have chevron-printed toss pillows? Is your favorite food lasagna? Are you rocking baby Yoda merch? Do you wear golf polos when you’re not golfing? These are tell-tale signs you, my friend, are a major cheug.

What’s “cheugy”?
According to the Urban Dictionary, cheugy (pronounced chew-gee) is the opposite of trendy. It was something that was popular but cookie-cutter and unoriginal a few years ago. A cheug is a person who follows these slightly out-of-date trends.

There’s no shame in being a cheug. Most of us indulge in some cheugy things, and that’s a little of what makes talking about it fun. Cheugy people wear their likes and dislikes openly – if they like The Office, they’ll wear Dunder Mifflin shirts and drink from a “That’s what she said” mug. If a cheug likes baby Yoda, Harry Potter, Friends, Minions, Disney, owls, rose gold, sparkles… they decorate their lives with it.

Is your home décor cheugy?
The way you dress, the way you text, how you act on social media, and even how you decorate your home can be considered cheugy. Do you have motivational quotes as art? Have you painted your walls gray? Below is a list of home design items considered cheugy. How many of them do you still have in your home?

  • Quotes as art. Like, “live, laugh, love”, “bless this mess”, “good vibes only”
  • Chevron print on bed sets, toss pillows, rugs, walls
  • Shiplap (unless it’s historic and not a remodel)
  • Simple geometric Moroccan rugs (unless they’re authentic)
  • Chalkboard walls
  • Subway tiles with dark grout (again, unless they’re in a historic home)
  • Farmhouse-vibe without being an actual farmhouse
  • Kitchen pottery with words like “butter” on a butter keeper and “tea” on a mug
  • Rolling barn doors instead of regular doors
  • Kitchen islands that are a different color and style than the other cabinetry
  • Cheeseboards as kitchen decorations
  • Mason jars as plant holders or drinkware
  • All-white kitchens
  • Wood crate tables, shelves, and furniture
  • Gray painted walls
  • Marble-topped accent tables
  • Macramé plant hangers and wall hangings
  • Brass and rose gold
  • Hanging Edison lightbulbs or lighting fixtures with exposed bulbs
  • Keep calm and ____ on prints

What do you do if you or your home are cheugy?
Nothing. If you like your home’s style or your clothes, keep them. In a few years, they’ll be back in style anyway.

Going forward, avoid trends – especially very hot ones you see everywhere. Instead, buy well-made items you like and find unique decor as you travel, at an antique store, or at a garage sale. Don’t feel pressured to keep up with what’s hot. If you like baby Yoda, sparkly water bottles, and gray walls, that’s totally ok. Your home should be a place that makes you happy.

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