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Lock & Shop mortgage program for home buyers

Don’t let changing interest rates dampen the excitement of shopping for a new house.

You’re likely familiar with the traditional way of getting an interest rate: having it set after you’ve found a home to purchase. With Lock & Shop, we do it a little different. Your interest rate is set first, then you take time to find a house that best meets your needs.

How does a Lock & Shop work?

You can either get pre-approved or, better yet, approved through the Buyer Ready Program for a loan. We’ll go through your credit history, finances, employment information, and other data to find the right loan for your needs. Once you’re pre-approved, we’ll lock in your interest rate! You’ll have 60, 75, or 90 days to find the right home for you.

The Lock & Shop advantage

If interest rates increase while you’re shopping, your mortgage won’t be affected. A lot of borrowers find house hunting a lot more enjoyable when they don’t have to worry about rushing to find a home before interest rates increase.

Plus, with a Lock & Shop, a lot of the work our underwriting team would do to approve your home loan will already be completed. That means you can enjoy a faster close on your loan – getting you into your new house sooner!

Who should get a Lock & Shop?

If you’re looking for either a primary or secondary home and are afraid of rising interest rates, a Lock & Shop might be right for you. They’re available for fixed-rate conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA loans. A small upfront fee is all that’s required. And if you need more time, we offer an extension too.

If you’re considering a new home, give us a call and we can help you decide if a Lock & Shop is right for you!

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