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NYFD paramedic leaning outside an ambulance

Homes for Heroes: Helping certain professionals with homeownership

Buying a home is an exciting, stressful, and emotional experience. If you’re a teacher, nurse, healthcare worker, law enforcement officer, firefighter, military member, or veteran, there are programs to help you make homeownership a little easier. It’s called Homes for Heroes. Since 2002, they’ve helped more than 44,000 people with their homeownership goals.

Homes for Heroes, Inc.
Homes for Heroes is a for-profit company that works with affiliate real estate agents, home lenders, title companies, and home inspectors. They say their mission is to, “provide extraordinary savings to heroes who provide extraordinary services to our nation and its communities every day.”

Eligible participants can receive thousands of dollars in refunds when they work with the program and use the affiliate real estate companies. It’s a good program for home buyers who qualify as there is no catch to it. The organization is able to fund itself through fees paid by the real estate professionals who take part in the program. It’s basically a paid referral program that benefits a select group of home buyers and owners.

Homes for Heroes Foundation
It’s the non-profit side of the company. Homes for Heroes, Inc. donates a portion of its earnings to support the foundation. The foundation then uses those funds (and private donations) to give “Hero Grants” to nonprofit charities that serve heroes in need. From 2009 to 2020, they awarded $842,838 in grants.

A lot of professionals are eligible
Whether you’re a current or former professional, you will likely qualify if your career is listed below. Other types of careers are eligible as well, so speak with your local home lender if your profession is similar to any listed below:

  • Firefighter
  • Paramedic
  • EMT
  • Law enforcement
  • First responder
  • Active military
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Health care professional
  • Educator
  • School administrator

It’s an easy program to use
You can ask your real estate agent or home town lender whether they’re part of the Homes for Heroes program. If they are, they’ll work with you to make you meet the eligibility requirements and all paperwork is completed for you. The more Homes for Heroes-approved professionals you work with, the bigger the refund you’ll receive.

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