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Top interior design styles

How can you recognize some of today’s popular interior design styles? It’s probably not possible for someone to redo their entire home to fit the style, but you can always be inspired by these trends. Once you know a style you like, it’s easy to work with what you already have or buy a few accent pieces to freshen your room’s look.

This style is very popular in cities where old factories have been converted into living spaces or restaurants. It works great if you have huge windows, exposed ductwork and brick, and concrete or rustic wood flooring. Repurposing items as furniture is a big part of industrial-style. Think of using metal piping for table legs, rustic wood for table tops, old machinery parts for decorations, and repurposed industrial lighting fixtures. To make the spaces a little more comfortable, leather chairs, sheepskin floor rugs, and neutral-colored furniture are added.
DIY industrial style designs  

To decorate in a modern style, stick with sharp edges and smooth surfaces. If your space has ceiling beams, concrete, or brick those elements should be exposed. Remove your window curtains so that natural light and the outdoor scenery shines through. Materials are natural – wood, metal, leather, wool, and linen. And, it’s important to keep the color pallet neutral colors.
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It’s the polar opposite of minimalism. It’s been described as a rainbow of color, texture, and styles. Put your antique armchair by your new favorite sofa. Add toss pillows made from your great grandmother’s hand embroidered pillowcases. Hang your wedding photo next to a series of paintings you got on vacation. Put your collection of antique crystal decanters together on a shelf. This style is about showing off your objects and sharing the stories they tell about your life.  
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Unlike modern design, it’s a way of life more than just a style. To be fully minimalist, you’ll need to declutter and sell or donate anything you don’t use or need. It’s uncluttered, monochromatic, and simple way of living. It works great for open floorplans, lots of light, and well built furnishings. In a minimalist room, the decorations aren’t the focus. The focus may be on a beautiful view from the window, the people in the space, or the architecture. Nothing is added as an embellishment.
Steps for the beginner minimalist

It’s a combo of art deco and old Hollywood. It’s opulent and a little over the top. It’s full of textures that beg to be touched – faux furs, velvet, and knits. Shiny brass and gold accents sparkle. A glam room would have classic furniture, glass or marble topped tables, crystal decorations, velvet toss pillows, rich colors, and sheer curtains.
How to get a glam look in your home

This trend really took over while we were quarantined during Covid. It is about nostalgia, rural life, a slow pace, agriculture, with a splash of fairy-tale. It features traditional crafts like baking, gardening, knitting (all activities that became popular during quarantine). A cottagecore living room would have soft colored walls, nature-themed art, a few antique items, a hand-knit throw, potted plants, dried herbs in a basket, and a stack of books on an end table. You get extra cottagecore points if you display something you made yourself.
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